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Home » Children » Do you really know what goes on in those crèches?

All issues concerning our bundles of joy are discussed here. Raising them, teenage years, weaning them, EVERYTHING!

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Ladies, I saw this in a national daily, couldn't help
sharing. <div>Do we really know what goes on in those crèches after we
drop-off our lovely kids?</div><div>"Posers Over Death Of Baby In A Creche. The death of nine-month-old Abunene Osezua Emmanuel last week Monday at
Masters Ville Children School crèche is not only giving parents of the boy
great anguish but also raising questions as to the cause of death in the hands
of care-givers at the school located at No 11, Asa Afariogun Street, Ajao
Estate, Lagos.On the morning of November 12 at about 7.00 am, late Abunene, who
according to his parents, was in good state of health was handed over to a
staff of the crèche. At about 10:05am on the same day, a call was put through
to the boy’s mother by the head teacher that young Abunene had been rushed to
the hospital. But on arrival at the Faith City Hospital, located few metres
from the school on the same street, the mother was informed by doctors that the
boy was brought in dead.While the school authorities say the boy was being fed when he choked
and efforts were thereafter made to take him to the nearest hospital, father of
the deceased, Mr. Abunene Anthony, is accusing Masters Ville of malicious
murder of his son, who doctors confirmed was brought in dead to the hospital.In a tear-soaked voice, Anthony told The Guardian that his son is
suspected to have died from overdose of sleeping pills given to the boy.
“Immediately after the incident happened, I was reliably informed by a
neighbour who withdrew her daughter from the same crèche when she discovered
they usually give children brought to the school sleeping tablets to make them
sleep off until when they are ready to be collected.“This is why I have decided not to let sleeping dogs lie and I am
taking this matter to court. Though I have hastily buried my son, I am fighting
this course because other people’s children are at risk and children are taken
to daycare centres everyday of the week. If the negligent actions of
care-givers are not checked, only God knows who next would be victim of their
improper acts. Instead of the proprietor of the school to show remorse, they
are busy looking for the best lawyers to defend them.”In a petition sent to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, a copy
of which was obtained by The Guardian at the weekend, Anthony is requesting
that justice be done and the perpetrators of the death of his son be brought to
book. “We don’t want this matter to be swept under the carpet. This is why we
are requesting that the school be closed down pending when investigations and
trial of the case in court is concluded and they are judged competent to run a
school. We also request that the owner of Master Ville School and the staff on
duty on November 12, 2012, namely Mrs. Dauda and Mrs. Ijere be arrested and
charged for the murder of our son in order to ensure that justice prevails in
this case,” the statement read.When The Guardian visited the Ajao Estate Police Command at the
weekend, the DPO confirmed the arrest and detention of the proprietress and
care-giver who was on duty on the day the incident occurred, but investigations
gathered revealed that the proprietress was later released on health
grounds.”…..No be small thing o!</div>
edited by butterfly on 11/18/2012
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Sister Pea
Sister Pea
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It's a sad story indeed. But i think there should be a proper investigation on this, to asertain if the owner knows about the sleeping tablet or is it syrup? thing. It could be that the staff was working alone. But come to think of it, stories of what goes on in our daycares/creches has become a thing of atmost concern. We should pray more for our children than dozing off in bed wishing that everything will be just fine. We do have a resposibility here at least.
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Now this story is really scary!
My baby's creche doesnt even allow parents into the creche proper. You come and drop ur baby at d reception and leAve and pick the baby from d reception. They say "its to reduce the legwalk in d creche and reduce the risk of germ causing infections". I have no idea what happens inside that creche!
Now am scared to my bones! I need to go to work and this creche am talking about is one of the best in d area. That cant rule out d possibility that they could be into some neferious acts oo (seeing as no parent actually goes in there to be sure)What do people like me do?
(Though,i have to be sincere,my baby has not come down with any infections since i placed her there and she's been looking very healthy)
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dr Flow
dr Flow
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Home » Children » Do you really know what goes on in those crèches?

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